Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Green Hornet

So, tonight, before work, I went to work and begged to watch The Green Hornet. Normally, there's no need for begging, as movies are free for me, but I had to work at 830, and the show ended at 850. Well, my boss is awesome and was like so just be late, whatever, no biggie. So after jumping up and down with excitement of spending the next 2 hours with my crush Seth Rogen, I waltzed on down to the theatre, threw my 3D glasses on and began to watch this movie with my favorite color and worst fear in the title.

Can I just say that 3D is not really 3D. I remember 3D being things flying at my face. They had it right with Coraline and Up and Monsters vs. Aliens. Now all there doing is slapping a 3D label on a movie and projecting the image off the screen. Right, so I guess technically that is "3D" but not how it should be. 3D should scare me. 3D should make me dodge away and throw my hands in front of my face blocking myself from something! But no. It's just an image projected a tad off the screen. Lame.

That said, I really enjoyed the Green Hornet. It surprised me. Seth Rogen was adorable, and funny, and did a really great job. Jay Chou as Kato was amazing. His first fight was jaw dropping. The movie had everything I enjoyed. It was funny, not the stupid funny where someone trips and falls, but like actually funny. The screenplay was really great. The action scenes were remarkable and definitely unexpected. I just didnt expect it to be great, but Seth has a way with making a movie funny and having a lot of action and he deserves a lot of credit, he is a very talented man.

I recommend going out and watching this movie. 3D, eh, not so much, but overall film was really great and kept me at the edge of my seat. Thank you Seth, you never disappoint.

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